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Incorporate the effect of wave reflection in coastal impact studies

2023-03-03 by the Scientia Maris Team

Incorporate the effect of wave reflection in coastal impact studies

Floating Storage Regasification Units (FSRUs) have become an increasingly popular method of #LNG transport and storage. Nevertheless, their presence in coastal areas can potentially impact adjacent shores due to waves reflecting off them.

Maris HMS, is an advanced numerical model, capable of simulating accurately all the dominant phenomena, including wave reflection, and in cooperation with the hydrodynamic model MarisHYD and the morphological model MarisSDT can provide a better understanding of the complex interactions between waves and FSRUs, as well as the effects of these interactions on the surrounding environment.

This knowledge can inform decision-making around the placement and management of FSRUs in coastal areas to prioritize the preservation of our natural resources and the health of our coastal ecosystems. By investing in advanced numerical models capable of simulating wave reflection and other complex phenomena, we can make informed decisions that promote both environmental protection and economic growth.

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